Hamas and Israel Conflict

You will likely have heard or read about the war taking place in Palestine and Israel. It can be very upsetting to read about – and also confusing. On the next few pages are articles explaining the situation. If you don’t wish to read about it, skip this article.


There has been conflict in Israel and Palestine for many years. This is due to several reasons, including a dispute about what areas of land belong to which country. There have been many efforts to end the conflict and bring peace, with other countries around the world involved.

The area in Palestine called Gaza is ruled by an organisation called Hamas. Hamas have been classified as a terrorist organisation. In October, Hamas launched an attack on Israel which was the start of the current conflict.

A map showing where Israel and Palestine are in relation to Europe and North Africa
A map showing where Israel and Palestine are in relation to Europe and North Africa

What is happening now?

The conflict is continuing in Gaza and other nearby places in Palestine. Many people have been killed and injured. Lots of people have had to leave their homes.

Hamas has taken people hostage and recently allowed some of these people to go free in exchange for Israel releasing prisoners from Palestine.

Many politicians have called for a ceasefire, which is a break from fighting.

Opinions on the war

Countries around the world are sometimes divided in who they are support. In Northern Ireland, communities can also have different opinions, with some people from Unionist communities supporting Israel and some people from Nationalist communities supporting

You may also see people arguing on social media about the war. It can be difficult to fact-check during times like these and people may have very different opinions on what is happening. There can also be photos and videos posted that aren’t real or are very upsetting to watch.

Remember, it can be good to take a break from the news and social media.