Makaton Mondays: Interview

Written by Bartek and Lynsey, December 2023

The Highlighter News interviewed Claire who runs ‘Makaton Mondays’ on social media. Claire aims to make the world more accessible through the use of Makaton and posts videos of Makaton signs every Monday.

You can find Claire’s social media pages at @MakatonMondays

What was your first experience with using makaton?

My first experience using Makaton was in a special needs school in East Belfast, I was a classroom assistant – we would use it with the children to help aid communication!

Can you tell us about Makaton Mondays and why you first started it?

I am currently studying to be a learning disability nurse in Queens University, when I went out on my first placement (an adult day centre) the members all used Makaton to communicate their needs. My mind was blown – I genuinely believed that Mr Tumble had created Makaton and it was just for children. After this placement I spoke to my university to see if we would be learning Makaton to help us to be the best nurses we could be. University said no due to funding so I decided to start Makaton Monday to help others learn whilst I was learning.

What has been the reaction to Makaton Mondays?

Makaton Mondays has been and continues to be one of the biggest joys in my life. I have been honoured to win several awards and I even got to go to the King’s Coronation (and sit behind Ant & Dec). I really want to make life accessible to all and I love doing this
through the use of Makaton.

The Makaton sign for 'please'

What was your first experience when you did Makaton to someone?

To be honest it is as if a door is suddenly unlocked for someone and the joy that someone can understand them is realised. I would use Makaton a lot on my social media, with the
incredible organisation Mae Murray Foundation and within my university. My slogan is I want to change the world one Makaton sign at a time.

Makaton is a unique language programme that uses symbols, signs and speech to enable people to communicate. You can find out more about Makaton at

Join in with #MakatonMondays by following Claire on social media @MakatonMondays

Learn more about the Mae Murray Foundation by visiting their website: