Orchardville Workshop

Photo of Ben from the Highlighter at Orchardville

On Friday 19th January 2024 Lynsey and Ben from The Highlighter visited Orchardville.

We were there to tell the service users there about how to read (and write) a news article!

We played some games about the news, trying to guess what makes real news, how to spot fake news, and even how to write our own articles.

By the end of the day we had some budding journalists in the room!

These are some of the articles the Orchardville participants wrote for The Highlighter:

My favourite things

by Conor McMurray

A photo of Conor writing his article
A photo of Conor writing his article

My name is Conor, and these are my favourite things.

I love Disney, and I love Halloween, and Christmas, and Easter, and St. Patrick’s Day, and Summer, and St. Valentine’s Day. ❤️

I love camping, and Lego Land, and going on holiday.

I am going to Dubai in January.

I am going to the pub on St. Patrick’s Day.

Conor loves McDonalds.

Conor loves Paw Patrol.

Conor loves Hillsborough Castle on Saturday. We go for a walk and we go to the café. We get hot chocolate and a sausage roll.

Conor loves Harry Potter, and also Peter Pan at Christmas in the Opera House.

Conor’s favourite movies are Madagascar, Shrek, Wizard of Oz, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Polar Express.

Claire’s Birthday

by Claire

It’s Claire’s birthday and she’s going to be 25. Claire is getting another puppy and going to dinner on Saturday night to pizza express.

Cameron’s Weekend

by Cameron

At the weekend Cameron will relax. He watches sport.

My Week

by Susanann

At the weekend Susanann goes out into town and has a drink. Two days a week she goes to her mum.

Jingle Bells

By Robert Watson

A photo of Robert singing and playing the Ukelele
A photo of Robert singing and playing a ukelele

Robert sang Jingle Bells with his ukulele. It had tinsel around it and he wore a Santa hat and a Hawaiian shirt with santas on it sunbathing.

Lynn’s Likes

by Lynn

Lynn likes to write poems and looking into the history of Belfast.

Mysletoe Paper

by Michael Dimond, Andrew Welsh, Rachael Robbinson and Sam Beggs

We had beautiful Christmas trees that the boys made.
– Michael Dimond

We had a Michael Bublé look-alike who sang White Christmas in the town
– Andrew Welsh

I made the beautiful reindeers which all sold out for the Orchardville Christmas fair
– Rachael Robbinson

I was a star in the Christmas show Mamma-Mia. I sang my heart out and had a ball. We had a special guest who came the whole way to see it.
– Sam Beggs

The Glee Club

by Hannah

A photo of Hannah singing.  SHe is wearing a christmas costume that is green with colourful decorations.
A photo of Hannah singing

Kurt Hummel

Blaine Anderson

Finn Hudson

Hannah also told us about how the actor who played Finn died because of drugs.

Orchardville Keeps Wallace Park Clean!!

By Helen, Adam, Phillip, Kavan and James

12 enthusiastic participants from Lisburn Orchardville visited Wallace Park one Friday in December, and collected all the litter.

They noticed when in the park that there was a lot of litter and decided to give it a clean.

They found lots of rubbish – cans, bottles, crisp packets, smelly doggie bags and much more!

They had bags and litter-pickers to help the collection. They finished with 5 bags of rubbish!

Orchardville have now ‘adopted’ Wallace Park to keep it clean.


by Matthew Allen

My name is Matthew Allen.

I am representing Northern Ireland. I have a pool tournament in Larne. I am a great pool player. I won a few trophies. I might be a Special Olympics pool player.

I am doing it for my country. Back in June 2023 I won the team cup. Back in October I won a cup for overcoming my fear.

In November 2023 I won the team plate cup. I made the semi final last 4.

We also have some photos from Orchardville at Christmas!

We had a really lovely day at Orchardville, and feel very lucky to have met so many wonderful people!